King County, Washington in West Seattle is fighting congestion in more than one way. While its water taxis keep commuters clear of traffic, their fuel keeps the skies clear of carbon pollution.

What’s Seattle without smell of the Sound and the fir trees? Nature is a way of life in the Pacific Northwest, and now King County has one of the cleanest-burning engines around. The Sally Fox, the Doc Maynard and The Spirit of Kingston ferry passengers on a locally sourced B-10 biodiesel blend and, in the process, prevent more than 300 metric tons of carbon emissions.

For water taxi passengers, the less carbon pollution around their beloved Puget Sound, the more they’ll adore their commute.

The King County water taxi delivered nearly 500,000 boardings in 2015.

Each boat reduces CO2 emissions by more than 140 metric tons per year– enough to power 20 homes for a year.

The 2014 Green Fleet Action Plan aimed to reduce fleet emissions by 42% by 2020; Biodiesel remains a central part of the strategy.


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