School buses represent the start of the school day and the end. They are one of the most consistent parts of many of our childhoods. Medford Public Schools in New Jersey determined that its school buses should also be healthy.

That’s why Medford Public School students are transported to school and back in buses powered by clean-burning biodiesel. The Burlington County school district is proud to say that it operates the longest lasting and most successful alternative fuels program in the nation. When it transitioned its bus fleet to biodiesel, it maintained its existing fleet without modification, reduced carbon emissions and even enjoyed lower operating expenses.

But the biggest win was for the students who ride the buses each day. Not only do they enjoy a cleaner community, they are also learning from the fleet's important lessons in sustainability. Families in Medford are thrilled that their children are exposed to more enriching real-life experiences -- and equally thrilled about what their children are not exposed to.

In 1997, Medford School District was awarded $115,000 from the US Department of Energy to fund a four-year biodiesel project.

47% of Biodiesel is made from soybean oil; 14% is inedible corn oil, 13% comes from animal fats and the remainder from canola oil, recycled cooking oil, brown grease, and other materials.

Biodiesel has saved the school district $170,000 over the last 17 years.


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