In 2013, New York City mandated that their 9,000 diesel-powered municipal fleet vehicles burn a B-5 biodiesel blend year-round. And like many things in the Big Apple, the fleets went bigger.

It began with the Parks Department, which found compliance so easy it soon upped its biodiesel use to B-20 in its vehicles. Other departments followed suit, including the Department of Sanitation, which began using biodiesel in all of its fleet vehicles. With Sanitation consuming 80% of New York City’s fleet fuel, its move to biodiesel has paid dividends. The city has experienced a 19% reduction in carbon emissions since 2005, on track to reaching an 80 percent reduction by 2050.

The NYC Department of Sanitation has displaced over 4 million gallons of fossil-based petroleum fuels by using biodiesel the past several years. And it remains steadfast in its commitment. It seems the department charged with keeping the city clean is doing its job in more ways than one.

NYC blends biodiesel with its standard heating fuel to create Bio-heat for its buildings.

A 2013 report found that cleaner air prevented 800 deaths and led to 2,000 fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations from lung problems, compared with 2008.

DSNY has nearly 6,000 vehicles in its fleet, and while not all of them are diesel engines, roughly 3,000 run on biodiesel.


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