Salt River Project provides electricity to the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Biodiesel provides power for more than 900 of the company’s vehicles. And System Administrator Becky Lawrence provides data proving that, for SRP, more is less.

Since its biodiesel pilot program began in 1999, SRP has converted 41% of its fleet to B-20. Of its nearly 2,300 vehicles, 950 run on biodiesel. By using more B20 in its fleet, SRP has saved money and upheld its environmental stewardship. In 2014, SRP used more than 603,000 gallons of biodiesel fuel -- enough to fill roughly 40 backyard swimming pools!

Mechanics are happy, clients are pleased, and they are diversifying their energy supply. For Salt River Project customers and the, the results are pretty powerful!

SRP has been serving central Arizona since 1903, nearly 10 years before Arizona became the 48th state.

SRP used 603,000 gallons of biodiesel in 2014.

B20 reduces CO2 by 15%.


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