If it runs on diesel, it runs on biodiesel. This is the mantra for St. Louis International Airport’s fleet manager, Michael Bernich. He discovered biodiesel in the ‘80s and has been committed to the fuel ever since.

Runway sweepers, tow trucks, de-icers, rescue trucks – even the emergency generator runs on B20. It’s been problem-free – no icing, no gelling, no worries. In addition, biodiesel is American made. The airport’s dedication to alternative fuels has set a new standard, and St. Louis’ example has served to help biodiesel take off at airports nationwide. It turns out, St. Louis has been something of a gateway to biodiesel use across the country.

Between 1987 and 1988, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport launched an experimental biodiesel program using 20 test vehicles.

All stationary generators, all construction equipment, airport equipment and rescue and fire-fighting equipment at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport run on B-20.

B20 refers to a blend of Biodiesel, containing 20% biofuels and 80% petroleum diesel.


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